20+ Best WordPress Themes for Photographers in 2018

The best platforms for online photographers are their websites – a safe, image-exhibiting place where the memories are preserved for the entire world to relish the past moments or feel the thrill of events. This list of WordPress themes for photographers will help you to build amazing website for your business and save the eye-catching images and share them with the world. The unique technical setup of each theme helps each photographer to display his art pieces in the manner he likes or in the way his skill needs. Basically, photography is not just all about saving the memories and sharing them with others but it is also a lot about making an impact. The more impact your photography makes, the more exposure you get.

Many photographers worry about excelling in setting an impressing photography website only for the fact that they are not tech-scavvy. Well, this should never be a reason to refuse to set a website especially when you have WordPress themes for photographers. As a photographer, you just need to freeze a flash in time and save it for posterity, the tech matters are in the hand of WordPress and the theme you choose is going to set the mood of your skill.

WordPress is the best existing platform with a wide array of theme designers and plugin developers that can respond to the need of a quality portal for the photographers. You just need to set the basic framework and the rest of work like aesthetic enhancements and completing features is the job of WordPress. Your accurate impression as an online photographer is with WordPress and this is the point where you should be thinking of getting a theme that responds best to your photography needs. The sprawling choice of themes offered by WordPress gives you open opportunity to select what you really love. But, this detailed list of 21 best WordPress themes for photographers can help you make a better choice:

1. Jhon Doe

Jhon Doe - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Joh Doe is a technologically perfect, bold and user-friendly, responsive theme. The charm of this theme is its professional quality and wide array of features. With 6 blog layouts, 15 custom page templates, 8 post formats, 6 custom widgets, and widget manager this theme is the right choice for a modern photographer with multiple targets. You do not even need to have past experience of developing a website when you work with this theme. For the entire business related needs, John Doe theme is rated as one of the top best photography WordPress themes.

The key features of this theme that contribute to the modern technology needs are 10 predefined CSS styles, Google Maps integration, Bootstrap framework, predefined color schemes, unlimited number of sidebar widgets, and support for video embeds. This theme enables you to craft the most modern, engaging, and astoundingly attractive photography website within a matter of minutes. You can build your content with the latest drag-n-drop page builder. For sharing your breathtaking pictures according to the needs of modern photography, you can choose John Doe.

2. Raymond Jones

Raymond Jones - Photographer Portfolio Landing Page WordPress Theme

Raymond Jones is a classy, smooth, user-friendly, unconstrained, and creatively premium WordPress theme. This theme is an elegant platform for the photographers who want to put a functional, responsive website without having any previous experience. This is one of the photography WordPress themes that comes loaded with all the functionality you need to create an extraordinary portfolio page. With its latest web design techniques which appeal to the photography lovers, you can find it easy to deliver the main objectives of your projects online.

The best thing about Raymond Jones is that it is a mobile-first theme. For sure, your portal can be a part of the modern-time web. The theme is built to be a mobile-first model. That is why this instant display design has an impressive display on small screens. This multi-functional theme is open to setting a blog or even making it a practical e-commerce website with its ECWID plugin. Another grand feature is the premium JetElements add-on which brings several extension modules to the current ones. You can improve your web page with an array of content blocks. Among the other WordPress themes for photographers, this is a modern edition for the photographers of future!

3. Imagico

Imagico - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Imagico is an absolutely visually fascinating and astounding, professionally designed and poised, technologically advanced and comprehensively developed, flexible, responsive and practical theme for photographers. This is a modern-day, one of the top selected photography WordPress themes mainly because of two prominent features: multiconcept and multipurpose. Link to your social media outlets and connect to your fans with your stunning photographs. Set your website today and meet the future challenges of online photography without any complications.

You can create a fantastic portfolio of yours with Imagico theme and go creative while you set your page. With Elementor Page Builder your options become larger for customizing your portal. The deep-running and powerful visual customization of the theme arranges the space in a way that your visitors can easily focus on what is important and matters throughout their navigation. Imagico with its styles, short-codes, convenient formats becomes a uniquely perfect theme for all types of photography needs. From artistic photography to freelancing photography and from setting a photographic studio to being a professional wedding photographer, you can always choose Imagico theme from other WordPress themes for photographers, with confidence.

4. David Kraemar

David Kraemar - Photographer WordPress Theme

This expressive, colorful, modern, creative, elegant theme is a special offer for photographers who want to set their online portfolio for extensive online business. Mobile-first, highly responsive, well-structured theme loaded with a wide array of tools. This is one of those top WordPress themes for photographers that presents the visual content flawlessly to the online audience. It is a clever idea for those photographers who look forward to grabbing a higher status in the industry in a short time span.

With JetElements you can create a cutting-edge landing page featuring creativity, and elegance. The sprawling array of tools empowers you to enhance your user experience and keep the layout ultra-modern. Photographers choose David Kraemer from other photography WordPress themes because it enables them to showcase their graphic freedom. You can create an impressive online photography studio with this theme and flaunt your professional efficiency to your fans.

5. Flashing

Flashing - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Flashing is a striking, enticing, graphically stylish, well-arranged, unified, responsive, and spontaneous WordPress theme. Among all WordPress themes for photographers, this theme has more alluring features for the photographers. Cherry popups, Cherry projects, Cherry search and valid and clean HTML code are a few of them. Flashing is a super-hit deal for photographers who want to get done with the entire web setting in a few minutes. The slider, contact form, WooCommerce support, mega menu and the facility of translating the site are the top features. Add import and designer to the theme in one click and enjoy its fast and easy function.

Talented photographers search among the photography WordPress themes for an option that improves their professional aptitude and increase their reputation. Flashing becomes the right answer for them. Set website for your personal photography with Flashing and enjoy its modern perks. It can also assist you in marketing of your work and boost your business ambitions.

6. Shootz

Shootz - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Shootz makes a striking entry among the entire collection of WordPress themes for photographers with its full-screen layout. This method has so far been proved to be the best among all for presenting videos and images to your audience. Shootz is highly responsive photographer portfolio theme for WordPress. Display your talents as never before with this full-screen theme. The fully responsive Shootz enhances your presence on the internet and of course, adds to your fan base.

One key feature that webmasters are searching for is fast page load. And Shootz brings this feature with it without you spend extra on other methods for making your page load speed faster. With 8 full-screen types, 25 HTML files, Dark & Light version, CSS3 animations, Revolution Slider plugin and easy customizing facility you stay ahead of your age. Like other top photography WordPress themes, Shootz also does not require any special technical skills for you to use the theme. With adjustable appearance and great social networking support, you stay at your ease.

7. FrameMe

FrameMe - Photography Studio WordPress Theme

FrameMe is a stunning, responsive, eloquent, WordPress theme that has maintained its prominent status among the other photography WordPress themes with its cool, classy layout – perfectly suitable for creating a modern, stylish website. The top features include easy color management, one-click installation, Elementor, Cherry popups, Cherry projects, 7 flawless headers, 3 different footers, clean and valid HTML code, clear documentation and retina screen support. Visual attraction of the theme is high and the website built with this theme can be the right portal for the contemporary photographers.

Photographers are those among us who always look for advanced styling and customization features in the WordPress themes for photographers because of the fast-changing demands of photography. FrameMe responds to their quest and offers them this feature. They can change navigation styles; alter the back ground of every section with a pattern, image or color of their choice. Pixel-perfect layout of your website and templates can make your content appear in the right manner. Impressive navigational experience will attract more visitors everyday while the old customers will get hooked to the website. Get FrameMe today and enter a new era of your photography.

8. Zoomin

Zoomin - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Dazzling among countless WordPress themes for photographers, Zoomin is mobile-first, commercial or freelancer photographer website theme. With its highly professional look, Zoomin is the choice of many photographers who want to create a highly efficient impression of their online photography portal. With extensive plugins and myriads of creative layouts, this theme enables the photographers to customize their website according to their needs or the modern-day changes. The theme is built with Bootstrap technology and is also well-coded. You can bring desired changes in the color, fonts and backgrounds because of the easy settings of the theme.

There are several great photography WordPress themes that offer custom page creation but Zoomin has an upper hand with its modern control through the admin panel. You can change the styles, layouts and shades of colors from the admin panel of your website directly. Added with powerful tools, this theme will never disappoint its users. The theme is fully supportive for the highly useful plugin WooCommerce. Photographers can make the best of their business without exerting too much effort.

9. Zoomix

Zoomix Photographers Portfolio Photo Gallery WordPress Theme

Photography is a charming profession and with a theme like Zoomix, it adds even more elegance to the whole business. This elegant, professional, expressive and attractive theme is an exceptional case among other WordPress themes for photographers. You can showcase your photography skills in a more effective way if only you make the right choice of getting Zoomix for your website. This theme is not just a theme but it is a solution for your entire photography requirements. Photographers Portfolio Photo Gallery Template helps you to display your chosen images and display them in a minute on your website. Reflecting your passion, Zoomix is for your skills and artistic production.

With the highly responsive mobile-friendly design of the theme takes your message to far and wide. The small screen is more common and when you are able to display your photography business on mobiles, your exposure increases. A wide array of customizing options brings Zoomix in focal point among the other photography WordPress themes. With the personal blog feature, you can bring a lot of other useful info to your audience. Keep in touch with your customers and build a string base online with Zoomix. It is the answer to your photography needs in the 21st century.

10. Projector

Projector - Photographer Portfolio Multihome WordPress Theme

Projector is highly responsive. This theme is for your modern photography portfolio. For creating a fantastic website, representing your talent and making a great fan base this website is the best option from the other WordPress themes for photographers. Whether you are a novice or are a proud photographer with years of experience, the theme is equally good for all professional levels.

The fast interface of the theme keeps you well-organized all the time. Choose what you find suitable according to your taste or the trends. With five different homepage design options each with a unique atmosphere and visual style. Maintain a great persona of your website with the theme Projector – one of the best photography WordPress themes.

11. Anna Solas

Anna Solas - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Anna Solas is one of the best WordPress themes for photographers for the photography passion in this age of technology. This elegant, highly responsive and feature-rich WordPress theme can be the starting point of your photography future. With its hundred percent editable feature and page builder you are at your best creative ideas to make a stunning website for your business. Modify the layout countless times with no difficulty. Photographers with no previous experience of web setting can easily work on this theme to create their own professional website.

Anna Solas is one of the top photography WordPress themes which come with a ready-made design. What you need to do is just drag and drop and get done with the entire website literally in a few minutes. The theme setting manager WYSIWYG helps you to set up fonts, position widgets, structure the site and manage color scheme and images. The theme allows you to have multiple pages on your website. Customize the best layout according to your photography style. Install this theme and it will serve you the best whether you are a beginner or a pro.

12. RyanZoom

RyanZoom - Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a modern theme with all the elegance and charm of the photography in the 21st century. Share with the world your art pieces – skillful images in a more professional manner than ever before. This is one of the top modern WordPress themes for photographers which are fully editable and fully responsive. The design is super cool and attractive which can increase your visitors and spread your business far and wide. With several additional pages and compatibility, this theme enables you to provide your visitors details of your work and yourself. A sprawling collection of content modules give you the freedom of highlighting your different contents as you wish. RyanZoom is one cool addition in photography WordPress themes.

13. Niftyfifty

Niftyfifty - Photography WordPress Theme

Niftyfifty is a smart, lightweight, fast and visually perfect photography theme by WordPress. The theme is very powerful in grabbing the attention of visitors and keeping them hooked for a good couple of minutes admiring your photography skills. The minimal design of the theme has a clean appearance and your visitors can easily focus on the content of your website. The theme is fully responsive and it is added with dark and light skin option which enables you to adjust the color shade of your images in a few clicks and to a perfect level. This is a popular theme among the other WordPress themes for photographers.

Flexible and functional style layouts of the theme support images of all sizes without unnecessary cropping. You can customize the gallery with the powerful plugin Jetpack. The theme also uses srcset attribute and automatically defines the suitable device-pixel-ratio. So, your photos are seen on all different devices with the best suitable dimension. This is a cool theme among other modern fully responsive photography WordPress themes.

14. One Page Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

One Page Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

This is one page yet a powerful theme among the other great WordPress themes for photographers. Its flexible power builder helps. The theme is decked with 25+ modules and a library of presets. Above that, the drag-n-drop functionality gives you faster and stronger ability to set your website in minutes. The advances set of configurations of the theme is highly helpful in customizing the design of your choice.

With multiple layout options and content modules, you create a comprehensively featured website that displays your photographs in the best way for your visitors. This modern, sleek and well-crafted theme is your favorite theme among the other photography WordPress themes. Create an online store for free and improve your photography business in short time. Take your website ahead of time and function with custom widgets and enjoy the wide customer-base with its highly responsive features.

15. Focussity

Focussity - Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

This gorgeous, heart-winning WordPress theme is a specialty for wedding photographs. How adorable! With its full-screen header image, it always makes your photography website a sticky portal for every visitor. The image gallery is stunningly attractive and reflects the professional tone of a great photographer who has a way with his devices. As a professional photographer of wedding ceremonies, you would love this theme among all other WordPress themes for photographers.

The theme is added with a large option of layouts. You can create your favorite layouts and save them in the built-in-library and display them later when you create a new page. Live customizer with the theme is a smart feature that does not let you wait to reload your web page in order to view the design theme you create. See the design live and instantly. Among the modern photography WordPress themes, Focussity is one prominent theme that has taken wedding photography to a new level. Wedding photography was never that strikingly charming!

16. Addison

Addison - Creative Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Designed and built by top industry experts, this theme provides you cutting-edge performance on all screen sizes. You can adjust and customize the design according to your own taste with 500+ Google web fonts. Enjoy the freedom of customizing your website with multiple themes without reloading your page. Addison is one great modern photography website theme that stands out among all the WordPress themes for photographers.

Trends change fast, especially in photography. Addison is built with the expected changes in mind and is added with multiple layouts. You can save your favorite layout in the built-in-library and use it anytime when the need arises. The theme also gives you several layouts and animation options. Create a gallery of your projects with advanced functionality and dazzle among your competitors. Addison is one modern and highly responsive theme in the other top photography WordPress themes.

17. Room4Pics

Room4Pics - Photo Studio Rental WordPress Theme

This highly professional theme is built for easy and fast function. It is added with template monster’s drag-and-drop builder. Without needing to go to the codes and worrying about the tech coding complications, you can now build your website with Room4Pics and customize it effectively with 25+modules. Maintain full control of yours on your website and present your photography services in a professional manner. The theme provides you cherry services with a plethora of features. If you are in search of modern photography WordPress themes, feel confident and get Room4Pics.

The theme is sleek and modern. You can stay on top of the photography profession with the modern features you get on your website like cherry search, multiple layout options, content modules, cherry sidebars, custom widgets, and live customizer. Room4Pics is built for the modern needs of photography with other WordPress themes for photographers.

18. Adeline

Adeline - Young Couple Photo Album Photography WordPress Theme

For those photographers who focus on wedding photography, Adeline is a gift. The elegant design, gorgeous colors, uncluttered look and astounding style makes this theme a prominent addition to the new photography WordPress themes. Adeline is a minimalist theme with a modern photography focused design. A wide selection of blog layouts, blog styles, powerful cherry projects module, and custom widgets enable you to create your photo album or personal portfolio with style.

The design is eye-catching with its tidy and tip-top looks. The pictures and typography are powered by Google web fonts for added richness. Adeline is a time-saving theme which lets you modify the look of your portal in a jiffy with Power Builder and Customizer. You can do the best for your website setting style and time because the theme comes with detailed documentation on how to install and how to customize. Get Adeline today from the collection of WordPress themes for photographers and stay on top of your photography passion!

19. WhiteLight

WhiteLight - professional photographer portfolio WordPress Theme

This is one astounding personal photography portfolio builder theme from WordPress. The theme is highly focused on visuals which make it appealing to photography fans. The stunning animation effects increase its popularity and make it more engaging. The minimized navigation panel is soothing for the eyes of the navigators who are focused on your portfolio and do not like distractions. The content-rich and clean layout of the theme is highly gorgeous. WhiteLight is one of the top best photography WordPress themes that meet the standards of modern photographers.

You can have various pre-designed layouts and pages with this theme. Use them out of the box anytime you like. Your visitors will have an easy-to-browse experience which will keep them hooked to your services, for sure. And with a highly responsive theme, the chances of having more traffic everyday are high. Your website will perform perfectly well on the entire gadgets with a big or small screen. With free assistance 24/7, you can solve any issue instantly. WhiteLight has a high aesthetic appeal and looks elegant among all the other WordPress themes for photographers.

20. Vignette

Vignette - Family Photographer & Portfolio WordPress Theme

This cute, striking, and highly attractive theme is built for designers, and photographers who want to showcase their portfolio in an appealing way. This theme is an added bonus as it is powered by Cherry Framework 5 which keeps it fast and quick to adapt to any device you are using. With the WordPress Live Customizer you have multiple options for customizing your design and also pick ready-made header or footer styles. With Google map widget, your location in the city will be always in view of your customers and you will be easily found. You have the best options at hand with Vignette, check the other photography WordPress themes to feel the difference.

Vignette is a perfect choice for saving your precious memories and rare images. The display style and design of the theme is highly attractive which adds tons of elegance to your photography. Find more visitors and expand your passion with this highly practical theme. Check the live demo preview or try the online portfolio template today and discover the great features of Vignette. This is one of the best themes among the WordPress themes for photographers.

21. Photographer CV WordPress Theme

Photographer CV WordPress Theme

This is a great theme with several features. The top best feature is hundred percent responsive designs. The website is easily displayed and performs excellent on all different devices. Your creativity goes wild with this theme as you can fully edit the content with your taste and customize the posts as you like. With 80+ shortcuts and 600+ Google web fonts, this theme is a smart choice for the mart photographers. Choose Photographer CV theme from the other WordPress themes for photographers and enjoy its perks.

Photographer CV is for solid websites that care for aesthetic sense of their displayed content. Display your valuable collection of images as your CV online for your fans and clients on Photographer CV and find several employees who need you for their photography needs. You launch one page website with this theme and create on it your short bio with education detail and other specifications. You can look a perfect photography job candidate with this cleverly designed theme from the top best photography WordPress themes offer cutting-edge digital technology to preserve photography as a great talent.

Photography is a top skill and profession which is constantly on the rise. The modern technology has added multiple dimensions to this fascinating skill. Now, photography is more than a hobby or a media need. It is a profession that creates jobs and employs million around the globe. In order for the photography to meet higher standards of visual impacts, saving its detailed production on digital media is highly important. Here comes the role of choosing the right theme and the right service builder.

The above listed themes offer best up-to-date assistance to the photographers to market their skill all round the world and stay on top with modern widgets and plugins. WordPress services in the matter of creating a new website and making it responsive plus highly functional is the key reason why photographers need these services for their professional presence online.