Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Since cryptocurrencies are totally digital, the best way of investing in them is by going digital. Creating a website with WordPress is the first step that anyone with a cryptocurrency investment should take.

The last thing you want is for visitors to question the purpose of your website. Having a website theme that fits your line of business is essential in preventing confusion and improving user experience. It also saves you the time and energy you would have spent if you had decided to create your cryptocurrency business’s own website design from scratch.

Our editor’s choice of WordPress themes will prove essential as you start laying the foundation for your WordPress website. They are tailored to serve any aspect of cryptocurrency you intend to invest in. You can effectively start your cryptocurrency business today with these WordPress cryptocurrency themes.

If you are looking out for the best WordPress themes for your new cryptocurrency start up, then you are already at the right place. The WordPress themes listed on this site are intuitive and have a pleasing graphic user interface – they have exceeded each test given to them on all devices. Additionally, they are customizable – you can adjust the colors, shapes, and overall appearance of your cryptocurrency WordPress website to your taste. Check out the top six cryptocurrency WordPress themes below.

Bitunit – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Bitunit WordPress Theme for Bitcoin Cryptocurrency website

Bitunit paves an easy road to an impressive and responsive Bitcoin marketplace website that will bring many customers in your direction. With this intuitive template, you can get your Bitcoin cryptocurrency website up and running in no time. Also, you can customize this template to your taste. Our team of dedicated developers equipped this theme with more plugins to make it easier for you to edit the appearance of your Bitcoin WordPress website. If you prefer using WordPress functionality, Bitunit comes with it also.

Bitcrypt – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Bitcrypt – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Bit Crypterio is a fast and super responsive WordPress theme suitable for cryptocurrency investments and ICO Agencies. It is tailored to meet the requirements of digital consulting projects by our team of web developers. This theme also comes equipped with Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins which make it easier to make alterations to the appearance of your site.

TopMiner – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

TopMiner Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

TopMiner is a customizable theme with lots of settings. With this theme, you can create your Bitcoin WordPress site and alter its look and appearance to any form you want it to be. There are lots of design choices for the main page and other pages of your site. Other than giving your site an attractive appearance, this theme is also good for Search Engine Optimization. With TopMiner, your site becomes user-friendly on all devices – Mobile, PC, or Tablets. The layouts of TopMiner are made using Elementor Page Builder plugins and it also comes with this theme. In addition, there are other plugins attached to this theme which can be found in the site’s admin area.

ChainBit – Bitcoin WordPress Theme

ChainBit Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

ChainBit is an easy to configure and intuitive WordPress theme for your Bitcoin website. With this theme, you can easily make changes using the control panel or the Visual Composer plugin that comes included. With the Visual Composer plugin, you can develop a unique site from square one. This plugin also comes with sample pages including About Us, Services, Review, Calculate Value, and Contract Details. With inspiration from these sample pages, you will save a tremendous amount of time that may have been spent creating and brainstorming ideas for these pages. With ChainBit, you will end up saving time and creating something completely unique for your business. Besides the many design options that come with this theme, it also includes complete SEO, Google Fonts support, and indexing optimized code. With all of these combined together you will end up taking your business to greater heights than you’ve ever imagined.

MineBit – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

 MineBit - Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

MineBit is an elegant business template made for a Bitcoin website. It comes with a set of page layouts and beautiful fonts. MineBit is responsive and super customizable. You can make changes to the colors of the design components and the responsiveness to the layout with little or no programming knowledge. This theme is both user-friendly and easy to understand. If you want to create a WordPress site with little effort and less time, then MineBit is the best way to go about it.

BitRate – Bitcoin WordPress Theme

BitRate - Bitcoin WordPress Theme

Featuring ready-made layouts with interesting designs and functions, this software is made for those who are hoping to get their Bitcoin site up and running in no time. There are unlimited routes to take when you decide to create a design from the start with a Visual Composer or edit a complete design. BitRate comes with a variety of headers and footers, as well as a collection of beautiful icons. BitRate is compatible with a number of premium plugins which makes it hassle-free when you intend to make alterations to its designs and look in general. In addition, you can translate the text in this theme to French, Spanish, and any other language you desire. Our team of web developers have tested this theme for responsiveness and proper display on various mobile devices. When you use the BitRate WordPress theme for your Bitcoin business, you’ll end up with a multilingual corporate site that will bring you clients from all corners of the world.

Our cryptocurrency themes are made for every component of your cryptocurrency business; whether it is a cryptocurrency exchange, a mining pool, and any other aspects of a cryptocurrency business you can think of. With our intuitive and customizable WordPress themes, you are sure of establishing your cryptocurrency business in an easy and efficient way.