5 Crucial Steps to Promote Your Business Online

If you want to catch fish, you need to go where the fish are. Fishing for customers is no different. Whether it be search engines or social media, there’s no doubt about it – your potential customers are on the web.

Ready to make a splash in your market? Promote your business online with these 5 crucial steps.

1. Get social.

With 22% of the world’s population on Facebook alone, social media is clearly a place you should promote your business online.

You don’t need a hefty marketing budget to begin utilizing social media. Routine posts and quick responses are enough to show that your business is active and engaged. On Facebook, you can actually adjust the displayed response time manually in Settings > Messaging > Response Time Display.

Facebook Response Time

Encourage your network to interact by posting interesting content. We’re not saying to nix promotional content altogether, but you should focus mainly on starting a conversation with followers rather than spinning out commercials.

Taking the time to fill out each field on social media profiles allows visitors to view all of your information in one spot. When applicable, include your website URL, phone number, location, services, and consider listing prices for services.

2. Create great content.

If you really want to promote your business online, you need to start flexing those typing muscles. Content is a must-have for any business to succeed online.

Here’s why:

  • Allows you to rank higher in search engines. There are a number of factors that search engines take into account when ranking websites (some unknown) and content is undeniably most important. Without content, you would have no keywords, no links, and nothing to rank to begin with.
  • Converts website visitors. When hiring or selecting a business, consumers understandably prefer to hire someone who knows what they’re talking about. Content is your opportunity to demonstrate that. Prove that you’re a subject matter expert by answering questions with well-thought-out articles.
  • Material to promote on social media. It’s usually preferable to promote your own content on social media rather than that of another website. This will increase website traffic (thought to be a ranking factor) and conversions.

The best part about content? It’s free! If you have the time and desire to write your own content, it can be done at no cost to you.

3. Be a good neighbor.

Local SEO

With the web, you’re no longer held back by distance and can sell services and products worldwide. In the process of expanding, are you keeping your community and local traffic in mind too?

Increasing local traffic for a brick-and-mortar store has obvious benefits, but these benefits extend to the web as well. The most significant one: a potential boost in your search engine rankings.

Local SEO is powerful for your overall SEO strategy. Think of it this way, search engines want to be sure the results they present to searchers are legitimate. Most shady businesses and websites don’t have deep roots in their community – in fact, they would prefer their location remain undisclosed.

If you receive relevant backlinks from local groups and businesses, search engines interpret this as a sign that your business is in fact where it claims to be. Consequently, increasing the likelihood that your website is legitimate.

Tips to strengthen your business’s local presence:

  • Join local groups. Participating as an active member in a Buy Local and other local groups will allow you to network and even get some of those much sought after backlinks.
  • Attend trade shows and events. Getting boots on the ground can do wonders for making an impression and getting your business’s name out there. Encourage attendees to “like” you on Facebook or particate enter into a contest on your website.
  • Complete your Google My Business listing. Verifying your business with Google My Business is easy and absolutely free. This allows you to show up in local Google Search and Maps results.

4. Ensure your website is up to par.

What do potential visitors think when they arrive at your website? Your website is your brand’s representation online and a poor design could cost you in more ways than one.

Website layout

Outdated website designs can be difficult to navigate and give users the impression that you’ve “checked out” from your business. If you’re not quite sure if you’re due for a redesign, browse through these modern website themes. They’ll give you a good idea of what you should be shooting for.

In addition to design, speed can have a big impact on your website’s user-experience. Checking your website with an online speed tester like Google’s PageSpeed Tool can give you insight as to whether or not users are being plagued by a slow page load when using your website.

Seeing as how the average human’s attention span is now rumored to be less than a goldfish, the faster – the better. Research by Google-owned company Doubleclick reveals:

‘Slow loading sites frustrate users and negatively impact publishers. In our new study, “The Need for Mobile Speed”, we found that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.’

5. Earn glowing reviews.

Positive online reviews are one of the best ways to build trust and promote your business online. Unless you just launched your brand yesterday, you likely already have customers who have given stellar feedback – they just need to be encouraged to post it online.

Each time a customer completes a purchase, send them a brief follow up email like this:

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for choosing [Your Business] for your recent purchase! We are thrilled to have earned your business.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our friendly support team at 000-000-0000.

Feedback? Leave us a review on one of the following platforms:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Our Website

[Your Business or Owner Name]

Offering promotions or a chance to win a prize is another great way to up those reviews. Don’t forget to respond to any negative comments, these can actually work in your favor if you prove that your business cares.

Now that you’re promoting your business in the right places, it’s time to cast your nets and prepare yourself! Stay tuned for more tips on web design, web development, and online marketing.