Launch Niche Marketplace

How to Launch a Niche Marketplace Right Way

The success of a niche marketplace start-up often depends on its approach to managing and marketing its launch. Unfortunately, the majority of start-up founders lack the much-needed experience of managing the things. The good thing is that this dangerous contradiction can be handled with proper planning. Before you get into launch marketing, brand development, or…

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Improve Website User Experience

Improve Website User Experience in 6 Steps

Imagine you’ve just walked into a dimly lit cafe. You have heard good things about the owners, but so far you haven’t spotted a menu and employees are nowhere in sight. After waiting a few minutes, your stomach growls; confirming your decision to head elsewhere for lunch. How likely are you to return to that…

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Improve Your Website

10 Ways to Improve Your Website

A new web design launch shouldn’t mark the end of website improvements – it’s just the beginning. Ongoing tweaks keep your website performing at it’s best. Making a significant improvement to your website doesn’t have to take a significant amount of your time either. Here are 10 ways to improve your website right now! Improvement…

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Benefits of using Website Templates

Why We LOVE Using Website Templates (And You Should Too!)

As the largest website template marketplace, it’s no secret that we’re a big fan of website themes. In fact, you can say we’re a little obsessed. At Present Website, we aim to share the benefits of website templates with the world! First off, what are website templates? When building a website, you must make one of…

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New Content Ideas

Out of content ideas? 17 Ways to Get Inspired

Have you been racking your brain for content ideas? Everyone responsible for writing their website’s content has found themselves derailed at one point or another – stuck in a dreaded content rut. Roll up your sleeves, these 17 content ideas will set you back on track. 1. Give new service previews. When launching a new…

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WordPress Theme Security

WordPress Theme Security: How to Keep Your Website Safe

Nobody likes the thought of a website hacker lurking around their website. They’re out there though, whether we like it or not. Think your website is too small to be a target? Think again. Hackers are increasingly targeting smaller, more vulnerable businesses. In fact, a whopping 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses. Before you start…

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How To Create About Us Page

How to Create an About Us Page (That Isn’t Boring)

Your website’s About Us page: the page that is supposed to outline your brand’s meaningful story and inspirational mission. For many businesses, the unfortunate reality is that About Us pages fall far short of inspiring and may even wind up an afterthought. Nearing the end of website design, someone is tasked with writing content to port…

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Web Design Trends 2018

Website Templates 2018: 15 Top Web Design Trends

Micro housing, air fryers, over-sized textured sweaters… These trends are great and all, but it’s time to make way for the most important trends in 2018 (to us anyway): new website template designs. Last year was chock full of innovations in web design and this year is on track not to disappoint. Here are the…

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Benefits of using Drupal for Web Development

18 Benefits of Using Drupal for Web Development

Considering Drupal for your web development? There’s a reason why big brands like Verizon, Pinterest, and Twitter choose Drupal over alternate systems. Before we delve into the benefits of using Drupal, we should make certain that one thing is clear: Drupal is not the same as your standard content management system.  So what is Drupal? Drupal…

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Setup Online Store Using WordPress and WooCommerce

How to Create an Online Store with WordPress and WooCommerce

Take note of this moment, it may mark the start of something pivotal for your business. An eCommerce store can make your products available to the world and open a world of new possibilities for your brand. While building an eCommerce store is a crucial step, it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. We’re…

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