Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

20+ Best WordPress Themes for Photographers in 2018

The best platforms for online photographers are their websites – a safe, image-exhibiting place where the memories are preserved for the entire world to relish the past moments or feel the thrill of events. This list of WordPress themes for photographers will help you to build amazing website for your business and save the eye-catching…

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Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress themes

Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Since cryptocurrencies are totally digital, the best way of investing in them is by going digital. Creating a website with WordPress is the first step that anyone with a cryptocurrency investment should take. The last thing you want is for visitors to question the purpose of your website. Having a website theme that fits your…

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Killer Calls to action and landing pages

How to Create Killer Calls To Action and Landing Pages

Your website is more than just an online brochure. An effective website should act as a conversion machine – each and every element pushing users to take that next step. This is where calls to action and landing pages come in. What are they? Calls to action are everywhere! From ‘Purchase now and receive free…

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Outdated Web Design

5 Sure Signs Your Web Design is Outdated

Have you ever glanced in the mirror only to realize, in horror, that you’ve been walking around all day with an unsightly piece of food stuck between your teeth? All of those people you interacted with and not one of them had the courage to say, “Hey, you have something in your teeth!” This is…

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Launch Niche Marketplace

How to Launch a Niche Marketplace Right Way

The success of a niche marketplace start-up often depends on its approach to managing and marketing its launch. Unfortunately, the majority of start-up founders lack the much-needed experience of managing the things. The good thing is that this dangerous contradiction can be handled with proper planning. Before you get into launch marketing, brand development, or…

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Boost eCommerce Sales

Boost eCommerce Sales With 9 Eye-Catching Promotions

You run an eCommerce website – that means you already have a platform built to succeed. ECommerce has a unique advantage over brick and mortar stores when it comes to promotions. Forget about making the hard sell of pursuading customers to drive to your location, you simply need to entice a few clicks! How can…

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Improve Website User Experience

Improve Website User Experience in 6 Steps

Imagine you’ve just walked into a dimly lit cafe. You have heard good things about the owners, but so far you haven’t spotted a menu and employees are nowhere in sight. After waiting a few minutes, your stomach growls; confirming your decision to head elsewhere for lunch. How likely are you to return to that…

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Improve Your Website

10 Ways to Improve Your Website

A new web design launch shouldn’t mark the end of website improvements – it’s just the beginning. Ongoing tweaks keep your website performing at it’s best. Making a significant improvement to your website doesn’t have to take a significant amount of your time either. Here are 10 ways to improve your website right now! Improvement…

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Dominate Local SEO

How Your Business Can Dominate Local SEO

Attracting the right website traffic is just as important as attracting traffic to your website to begin with. When your website ranks in local search engine results, you have the opportunity to reach qualified potential customers who are located nearby. Taking measures to dominate local SEO also eliminates a great deal of competition. There may be thousands…

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Benefits of using Website Templates

Why We LOVE Using Website Templates (And You Should Too!)

As the largest website template marketplace, it’s no secret that we’re a big fan of website themes. In fact, you can say we’re a little obsessed. At Present Website, we aim to share the benefits of website templates with the world! First off, what are website templates? When building a website, you must make one of…

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