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About Present Website

Who is Present Website?

minds behind the online templates showroom

Behind Present Website is a network of seasoned web designers and developers. Website development is more than a passion to us - it's our life. Our days are spent writing code and at night we dream of new, beautiful website themes.

By offering a wide variety of templates, we strive to keep your brand in the present and forefront of an ever-changing digital landscape. Each of our products incorporate the latest, state of the art technology.

We take pride in being the largest online template showroom and none of it would be possible without you, our customers. Present Website has always treated customer service as a priority. When you ask a question, you'll receive a prompt answer from someone who gets it!

Our Mission

keeping your business in the present

You have a great idea, let's share it with the world. We believe that everyone deserves a stunning online platform to showcase their business and keep it in the present. Our cutting edge templates allow for complete customization that you'll grow with, not out of.

15+ Years Experience

don't worry, we've got this

Whatever look you envision for your website, don't let design or coding know-how stand in your way. We've been developing high-quality design assets since 2002. Join the thousands of startups and established brands that count on our team of developers for guidance.

Why Choose Us?

not just another template store

We love our jobs, business, and customers. Each one of our talented designers and developers has more than 10 years’ experience in the industry. At Present Website you can rely on knowledgeable, outstanding service at all times - no exceptions.

Template Customization

Not sure where to start with template customization? You're not alone. Select our customization service and we’ll incorporate your logo, change website content, color scheme, and so much more.

Powerful Built-in Features

The purchase of a website template grants you exclusive access to a variety of useful built-in features. Present Website's partners offers more of these features, all included, than any other provider. Zero hidden costs.

All Source Files Included

Whether you purchase a standard HTML template, CMS-based theme, eCommerce web design or any other product from the Present Website partner's website, you’ll receive all source files within the download package, guaranteed.

Free Sample Templates

Don't take our word for it, try them out for yourself! Only in our online showroom will you have access to free template samples available to download and hone your skills before committing to a purchase.

Special Offers and Personalization

Your needs are unique, tailor your purchase to match them. We offer a variety of options including a designer’s bundle, training course, hacker and spam protection pack, copyright protection, and an SEO service.

Clear Guidance on Your Purchase

Present Website offers an extensive list of digital products, which are right for you? Our team will help you identify the product best suited for your business and will be there to help should anything go wrong. We want you to succeed!

We can help with

  • Website templates Responsive website themes
  • Web development Extended functionality
  • Custom web design Template customization
  • Hosting Fast and secure

Present Website is your one-stop-shop for an exceptional online presence.

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